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Road-Legal, Race-Ready

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Unveiling the Formula for Dymag’s Road Racing Dominance

Unparalleled Performance and Reliability

With the Isle of Man TT now underway, anticipation is at an all-time high in the motorcycle racing world. Known for its incredibly challenging course and high-speed excitement, this iconic event requires peak performance from both riders and machines alike. At the heart of this pursuit for excellence, Dymag Wheels stand out, having powered many top competitors to victory over the years.

Legendary teams and riders such as triple TT-winning team Hawk Racing/Buildbase BMW Motorrad and Michael Dunlop have won – and smashed lap records – on Dymag Wheels.

Peter Hickman debuting the Dymag Sector Wheels at the 2024 NW200

Why Road Racing?

Although prototype and track racing serve as excellent showcases for motorcycle brands, nothing compares to road racing for developing real-world technologies that are most relevant for our road-going customers. The bikes used in road racing closely resemble production motorcycles, with ‘stock’ classes often being nearly identical except for permitted suspension modifications. Moreover, the race surface quality and exposed conditions mirror those that road riders encounter in their everyday riding.

Road race bikes often have to turn harder through tighter bends, deal with dips and elevation changes and remain settled over poor and uneven surfaces including potholes, drains and manhole covers. Not only that, the distances are considerably longer. For instance, just one lap of the Isle of Man TT is nearly 38 miles, and the Superbikes cover six laps, amounting to nearly 230 miles in total – approximately three times the distance of your average MotoGP race!

Dymag wheels excel in these conditions due to their unique structural design, premium-grade material selection, world-class manufacturing, and a cross-functional team of engineers and quality experts who ensure that every wheelset undergoes meticulous testing and meets strict approval criteria before they are released. A key factor in Dymag’s winning record and popularity in the road race paddock is our ability to develop wheels that are both lightweight and strong – two attributes that are often considered mutually exclusive.

The Wheel of Road Racing - Detail of Dymag's UP7X as used at the NW200 and Isle of Man TT

Lighter is Faster

Lotus’ Colin Chapman famously taught us that the most effective way to enhance any vehicle’s handling dynamics is to reduce its weight. And at the top of any racer’s list is reducing ‘unsprung weight’ – those parts of the bike not supported by the suspension.

This is because lowering unsprung weight has the most direct influence on riding dynamics – improving handling and stability, enhancing suspension performance, and optimising both acceleration and braking.

Wheels and tyres are almost always the heaviest components contributing to unsprung mass, which is why racers prioritise upgrading them.

The performance benefits are so pronounced that it’s widely accepted that no other upgrade gives such an instant boost in handling and performance as lightweight wheels.

Peter Hickman at the NW200

Stronger by Design

Dymag forged aluminium wheels are stronger than stock wheels primarily due to the forging process, which results in a denser, more uniform material with far fewer imperfections.

The use of higher-grade aluminium alloys, precision engineering, and advanced design techniques further contribute to their superior strength, performance, and durability. These factors collectively allow Dymag to perfectly balance and optimise strength-to-weight ratio resulting in wheels that are typically both lighter and stronger than stock wheels.

The Dymag UP7X Road-Legal Road-Race Wheel, as used at the Isle of Man TT races

Dymag UP7X 

Hot off the back of Dymag rider Peter Hickman’s double win at this year’s NW200 in the Supertwin class, both Conor Cummins and Ian Hutchinson will be representing at the TT, riding with Dymag’s road-legal UP7X forged aluminium wheels on their Padgett’s Hondas in the Superbike and Senior races.
Supplied to leading Isle of Man TT Superbike, British Superbike and MotoAmerica teams, the UP7X represents the latest evolution of our championship winning UP7 wheel range. Engineered to offer racers the edge with further reduced weight and a lower moment of inertia, the UP7X is also fully certified for road use, ensuring the reliability, safety, durability, and longevity that everyday road riders expect from Dymag wheels.

Sitting alongside the UP7X in the Dymag Moto stable, is the famous CH3A triple-spoke, with the eagerly anticipated NEW Sector wheel shipping soon (pre-order the your Sector’s here).

Peter Hickman and the Swan Supertwin at the 2024 NW200 Road Races

Race Technology for your Road Bike

The wheels you see conquering the TT and NW200 are the very same ones available for your road bike. This means every ride, whether it’s your daily commute or a weekend escape, benefits from the same engineering excellence and innovation.

Choosing Dymag Wheels means choosing a legacy of racing excellence and a commitment to quality that transforms every journey into an adventure. Experience the difference that professional-grade engineering can make on your road bike and join the ranks of those who ride – and win – on Dymag wheels.

50 Years of Performance Momentum

This year marks a significant milestone for Dymag as we celebrate our 50th anniversary. For half a century, Dymag has been at the forefront of wheel innovation, producing high-performance wheels that combine cutting-edge technology with unparalleled craftsmanship. From our pioneering days to our current status as industry leaders, we remain dedicated to delivering the best in strength, lightweight design, and superior performance. Join us in celebrating 50 years of Performance Momentum.

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