Motorcycle racers understand that the primary technical attributes of our lightweight racing wheels are the dramatic reductions in unsprung mass, moment of inertia and gyroscopic torque, as well as stiffness.

In short, there is no other modification that gives such an instant boost in handling and performance as lightweight wheels.

Designed using our 40 years of lightweight wheel technology experience, our ultra-light and ultra-strong wheels transform your bike’s handling, performance and aesthetics.

Advanced materials, latest technology

Our lightweight motorcycle wheel range offers an unmatched blend of safety, performance, market leading aesthetics and cost.

Striving for ever-higher levels of acceleration, braking and handling, but always with safety and durability at the core.

All our wheels are subjected to the most rigorous and demanding world-wide physical test standards, backing up our advanced design and FEA techniques. Fully meeting worldwide safety standards including BS AU 50 / SAE / JWL VIA.

  • Ultra low moment of inertia
  • 30% lighter than OEM cast aluminium
  • Latest low-density composite and metallic materials
  • Advanced engineering and optimisation at every stage
  • Complemented by class-leading aesthetic finishes and quality


  • Lower unsprung mass
  • Lower gyroscopic force
  • Superior handling
  • Faster acceleration
  • Sharper braking
  • Improved ride


2020 defied all odds resulting in strong sales of our motorcycle wheel, especially the UP7X forged aluminium wheels range which are supplied to leading Isle of Man TT Superbike, British Superbike and MotoAmerica teams.

Whilst we saw increased orders for recent superbikes, we also saw a significant upturn in older bike restoration projects. Our back-catalogue, that lists over 5,000 different specifications and goes all the way back to the 1970s, is one of the main reasons we are the go-to brand for these types of project.

Operationally, we are currently in the process of integrating our current six manufacturing centres into a large single site so we have had to reluctantly pause production of the Dymag CA5 carbon motorcycle range while we undertake this reorganisation.

In the longer term, we have an exciting range of new carbon motorcycle wheel products in development.

The focus for now is on our highly competitive forged aluminium range of lightweight, racing-specification wheels, which are certified for road use on everything from the timeless classics to state-of-the-art modern race bikes.


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CH3A Technical Specifications

Forged aluminium

Race & road

Front sizes
17 x 3.50″

Rear sizes
17 x 4.50″
17 x 5.00″
17 x 5.50″
17 x 6.00″

Rear swing arm
Double sided

Ceramic hybrid NTN bearings

Sample weights
Suzuki RGV250
Front – 17 x 3.50″ – 3.7kg
Rear – 17 x 6.00″ – 6.23kg


Click or tap an image above to open the UP7X gallery.

UP7X Technical Specifications

Forged aluminium

Race & road

Front sizes
17 × 3.50″

Rear sizes
17 x 4.5″
17 × 5.50″
17 × 6.00″
17 × 6.25″

Rear swing arm
Double sided

Ceramic hybrid NTN bearings

Sample weights
Kawasaki ZX10
17 × 3.50″ Front – 3.45kg
17 × 6.00″ Rear – 5.6kg

Note: All Dymag double-sided swinging arm CH3A and UP7X wheels come with a choice of sprocket and do not require any additional parts for fitting.


Dating right back to 1974, our moto racing history is an enviable story. Helping riders secure wins on our wheels in some of the toughest and most competitive race series is in our DNA. From the Ulster Grand Prix and Irish Supertwins, right across to the infamous Isle of Man TT and British Superbikes, we have been there – multiple times.

We have even helped privateer Horst Saiger win 1st place at the IOM TT in 2017 and gone across the water to Birmingham, Alabama supporting Luki Wimmer to stand on the top spot at the Barber International.

Everything we put on track we bring across to the road so our experience, skill, passion and safety are found in all of our wheels.


    • Eddie Lawson wins the AMA Superbike Championship & Moto GP Championship.
    • David Jefferies and Steve Hislop record multiple victories in Senior and Superbike races in the 1990’s.
    • Triple IoM TT winning team Hawk Racing/Buildbase BMW Motorrad with rider Michael Dunlop.
    • Michael Dunlop sets new IOM TT lap record running on Dymag wheels.
    • Dean Harrison IOM Senior TT giving Dymag it’s 4th win in the legendary race.
    • Alister Seeley wins the Mondello Masters.
    • Dean Harrison takes the top podium at the Classic TT Senior Superbikes.
    • And the list goes on…


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