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Dymag Discount for ACU Members 1024 692 Dymag Group Limited

Dymag Discount for ACU Members

The ACU and Dymag are pleased to announce that ACU Members get 15% discount on Dymag performance wheels.

Dymag aluminium performance wheels are made for the track and certified for the road. Arguably with one of the largest ranges of possible fitments, Dymag wheels are available for a large range of recent and older models. To check that Dymag’s are a fit for your bike and to receive your discounted price, please complete the following form:      

Dymag is celebrating 50 years of performance wheels in 2024. Our lightweight motorcycle wheel range offers an unmatched blend of safety, performance, market leading aesthetics and cost, by a dramatic reduction in unsprung mass, moment of inertia and gyroscopic torque, as well as stiffness. In short, there is no other upgrade that gives such an instant boost in handling and performance.

All Dymag wheels are subjected to the most rigorous and demanding world-wide physical test standards, backing up our advanced design and FEA techniques. Our wheels fully meet worldwide safety standards including BS AU 50 / SAE / JWL VIA.

No ACU member yet: join today at and benefit immediately from the 15% discount.  



Dymag, a world leader in lightweight wheels for the automotive industry, and its strategic partner, composites material specialists Hankuk Carbon, are working with Hyundai on the development of advanced new carbon hybrid wheel technology for the car maker’s N Performance products.

The first result of the collaboration between Dymag and Hankuk Carbon, the new wheel technology further cements Dymag’s position as a leading OEM partner for the global automotive industry, and marks the start of a relationship with Hyundai, enabling the wider adoption of Dymag’s cutting edge innovation, which delivers significant dynamic enhancements for high-performance vehicles.

A prototype of a new jointly-developed N Performance carbon hybrid wheel was unveiled on Hyundai’s stand at the recent Goodwood Festival of Speed, where the company also debuted its IONIQ 5 N hot crossover.   

Bespoke designed and developed with Hyundai, full specifications of the new wheel will be revealed in the coming months. Dymag is also in advanced stages with multiple car makers, with further original equipment supply agreements set to be announced soon.

Blending a composite outer rim, made from carbon fibre, with a precision-machined forged metallic centrepiece, Dymag’s proprietary carbon hybrid wheel expertise realises the best of both materials, with weight savings over a traditional cast aluminium wheel of between 40% and 50%. In addition to significantly reduced unsprung mass, carbon hybrid wheel technology also reduces rolling inertia and offers improved stiffness and strength.

Tom de Lange, CEO of Dymag said: “We are delighted we are working with Hyundai on the development of advanced, lightweight carbon hybrid wheels for its N Performance products. The first result of the collaboration between Dymag and Hankuk Carbon, the new wheel technology further cements Dymag’s position as a leading OEM partner for the global automotive industry.

“This is the start of what we hope is a long and fruitful relationship with Hyundai, which will bring our game-changing technology to a wider audience of global automotive customers. Carbon hybrid wheels from Dymag bring many benefits for high-performance vehicles, with very low capital expenditure for car makers thanks to our patented technology and lean production methods. We look forward to announcing further OEM agreements very soon.”  

Hankuk Carbon Chairman Mr. Moonsoo Cho said: “We are very excited by this great starting point of our relationship with Dymag. Working with Hyundai makes us all very proud and will bring Dymag’s carbon hybrid wheel technology, which offers significant performance – and aesthetic – benefits to high-performance vehicles, to a wider audience. Our collaboration with Dymag will continuously grow to meet and exceed the requirements of our global automotive partners.”

Leading advanced wheel design since 1974, Dymag has unrivalled heritage and was the first in the world to commercialise carbon hybrid automotive wheels in 2004. Designed for high-performance vehicles, from sports cars to SUVs and pickups, the patented carbon hybrid wheel delivers multiple gains for OEMs, the aftermarket and customers alike.

In addition to lower unsprung mass and inertia, gyroscopic force is also reduced, improving steering feel and handling.

Strength and durability are also improved over equivalent alloy wheels or full carbon wheel, a carbon hybrid wheel enhance safety by offering the ability to bend and spring back in the event of an unusually high load or sharp impact – in contrast to one-piece aluminium wheels which can permanently deform or shatter. Dymag’s unique designs are also proven and tested to all worldwide OEM standards. What’s more, carbon fibre’s inherent harmonic characteristics also reduce Noise Vehicle Harshness (NVH).  

Carbon hybrid wheels also bring aesthetic advantages for OEMs compared to one-piece carbon fibre wheels; a forged aluminium or magnesium centrepiece offering greater design flexibility than a solid carbon fibre wheel, which can be changed without incurring expensive re-tooling costs. The carbon rims themselves also require low upfront investment and new sizes can be produced very quickly due to Dymag’s patented design and production techniques.

Dymag offers a full range of 18-to-23-inch carbon hybrid wheels, to which it will add new 24-inch and 25-inch examples later this year. Key investment into Dymag comes from strategic partner, Hankuk Carbon, a leading manufacturer of advanced carbon materials. Its investment and expertise is accelerating the global mass production of Dymag’s wheel technology, and the company is in advanced stages with multiple global OEMs regarding further lightweight wheel supply agreements.



Existing strategic partner Hankuk Carbon Co., Ltd., a global leader in composites manufacturing, has become Dymag’s latest investor. A further injection of funding and expertise is set to accelerate global mass production of Dymag’s game-changing lightweight automotive wheels. Lighter, stiffer and stronger than a traditional cast alloy wheel, Dymag’s carbon hybrid wheels bring huge advantages to all vehicle sectors, particularly EVs.

This latest investment builds on funding from the UK’s Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative (AMSCI) alongside several rounds from Puma Private Equity and the announcement underlines Dymag’s momentum and position as a British manufacturing success story.

Dymag is in advanced stages with multiple global OEMs regarding lightweight wheel supply agreements. More exciting news to follow….

Peter Hickman: Unleashing speed with DYMAG® UP7X wheels 1024 683 Dymag Group Limited

Peter Hickman: Unleashing speed with DYMAG® UP7X wheels

Peter Hickman needs no introduction when it comes to Road Racing. The fastest rider to ever lap both the Isle of Man TT, Northwest 200, and Ulster Grand Prix circuits!

After a very successful IOM TT in 2022 with his first Supertwin win on the Paton, Hicky is setting his sights on more success in 2023 but this time on new machinery. 2023 will see Peter racing the Yamaha R7 built in-house at his PHR Performance headquarters. Not only will he compete at the TT but also the Northwest 200 road races. The bike has undergone extensive upgrades and improvements with the very best performance parts being added including the very latest Dymag racing wheels.

Dymag UK has been designing and manufacturing wheels for over 30 years, so to supply “Hicky” with our UP7X wheels for this new project is an ideal partnership. Peter’s feedback can only help strengthen the already well-renowned UK brand. To top the partnership off PHR Performance has also become a retailer of the ever-popular aftermarket Dymag wheels. 

Peter said: 

Dymag play a key role in the racing world. Their wheels are ultra-light, meaning more performance from the motorcycle and faster changes of direction as well as being stronger than standard wheels, which is a huge benefit especially when racing on the road.

Having the opportunity to run my Supertwin using the UP7X wheels is awesome, and I’m delighted to be associated with Dymag.

Last year I had huge success in the Supertwin races, and I want this year to be no different, although I am under no illusions of just how hard it is going to be. It’s a brand-new bike and nobody has any real experience with it yet in the UK and on the roads. The bike has been built by my PHR Performance Centre and is a new project for us. The team have done a great job, as we only received the bike recently, but the finished bike looks mega, topped off with fantastic-looking wheels!

I’m looking forward to running the bike next week at the NW200 and then onto the IOM TT!”

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