Advanced Materials, Latest Technology


Our products are designed to meet every challenge on the road and track:

High strength & stiffness

Optimised for a range of complex in-service loading conditions.

Highly durable, tested to extremes

Designed to withstand extreme impact and fatigue loads to OEM and international standards and validated through hundreds of physical tests.

Resilient in varying environments

Cutting-edge resin and lacquer systems to resist sunlight/UV, salt spray and extremes of temperature (including brake heat soak).

High quality visual aesthetics

Market-leading weave consistency and lacquer clarity that can be seen in the wheel aesthetics.

1. Sacrificial layer
2. Primary load path
3. Low axial stiffness biaxial layer ensures primary load path and fastening system carries over 90% of radial load



Through extensive research our engineers established that 90% of the radial load in cornering is applied laterally to the inboard and outboard tyre flanges. This creates a stress concentration in the tyre well which can cause fatigue failures in ordinary wheels. Consequently we developed a unique patented design with a new primary load path under the tyre bead seat, which eliminates this problem and also creates an incredibly stiff and impact-resistant wheel.

  • Load path optimisation: elimination of fatigue stress raisers
  • Closed section structure: amazing impact resistance and wheel stiffness
  • Sacrificial layer: protection of load path and pressure-holding surfaces
  • Patents granted: USA, JP, UK, RU & DE; pending in EU & CN


Our wheels are certified to 850kg with 1,000kg+ wheels now in development.

  • Safe and predictable failure modes: wheels deform and spring back retaining air allowing the driver to keep control
  • Scalable, repeatable manufacturing process: ISO9001:2015
  • Predictable and short development lead time and costs: certification standards and custom OEM times
  • Wide range of applications knowledge: lightweight sportscar to heavy SUV, pick-up trucks
  • Affordable development, certification and tooling

1.0 Laboratory rig tests

Conducted single wheels multiple sequential tests on same wheel(s) to ensure safety performance after pre-damage.

  • Biaxial test
  • Corrosion test
  • Radial fatigue
  • Vehicle testing
  • Tyre fitting 10x
  • Cornering fatigue
  • Over-pressurisation
  • 13˚ Impact test
  • Collision 90˚ TÜV test
  • 90˚ Impact test (Ford spec)
  • Rapid tyre deflation test
  • Radial impact TÜV pre-strike

2.0 Collision test

TÜV pothole full width test 90˚ impact

3.0 Track and lab testing

Full track testing programme on 1 set followed by bi-axial on 1 front and 1 rear.

  • Full braking
  • Rumble strip
  • Endurance testing
  • Track endurance test
  • Full traction launch
  • High speed lane changing
  • Full TÜV biaxial test in TÜV SÜD

Testing Videos


Dymag is fully equipped to take your idea/concept through to a fully homologated production component.

  • CAD / CAM
  • FEA
  • Inspection
  • Prototyping / 5-axis CNC
  • Testing
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified since 2018


2022: +400% capacity increase

We’re installing a new automated production line to be commissioned in mid-2022.

Dymag carbon hybrid rims are designed for serial manufacturing using increased levels of process automation.

Hybrid carbon rims are much easier to automate and less labour-intensive than monobloc carbon wheels.

The direct tooling lay-up, tool assembly and resin injection process for hybrid carbon rims lends themselves to automation whilst delivering the essential high levels of structural and aesthetic qualities as has come to be expected of Dymag products.

The automation will enable us to continue innovating and collaborating with major international and niche OEMs, continue growing our partnerships with Tier 1 wheel suppliers and increase our aftermarket wheelco partners.

“We have the highest performing hybrid automotive wheels when you look at the benefits, safety and aesthetics. And now we’re making a step-change in scale and affordability.”

Tom de Lange | CEO | Dymag Carbon Wheels

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