We have been leading wheel design and manufacturing innovation since 1974, starting with diecast magnesium, and pioneering the first carbon fibre wheels in 1995. Over the last five decades we have produced wheels for virtually every type of road car and motorbike. On the track our wheels have led the way in series as diverse as F1, Le Mans, Word Rally Championship, IndyCar and Paris Dakar on four wheels and MotoGP, Superbikes and the Isle of Man TT on two.

Today we supply carbon fibre, aluminium and magnesium wheels around the world; working to the highest safety, performance, aesthetic and quality standards as demanded by leading high-performance and luxury vehicle manufacturers and their customers.


Our patented BX carbon composite automotive wheel range offers an unmatched blend of safety, lightweight performance and market leading aesthetics. Our wheels surpass all worldwide standards including TÜV.


Our motorcycle race-standard wheels are fully certified for road use and surpass OEM standards. Our roots are firmly embedded in racing, with decades of experience supplying wheels to the biggest names in the sport.


Carbon composite hybrid rims are available to both OEM’s and 3rd party wheel companies. Interchangeable centrepieces give highly flexible styling and makes them a cost-effective solution for all projects.


Latest technology

Our wheel technology is constantly evolving to achieve ever-higher levels of acceleration, braking and handling; but always with safety and durability at the core. All our wheels are subjected to the most rigorous and demanding world-wide physical test standards.

Dymag Carbon Wheels | BX-F Rim


From the road to the race track, we work hand-in-hand with all of our clients on their individual projects to ensure the end result is nothing less than breathtaking in every way.



We have many pre-approved centrepiece designs to choose from or we can work with you to take a completely new concept through design, manufacturing and certification.



Our patented technology has passed the most stringent OEM performance and durability tests. Our wheels meet all worldwide standards including SAE/DOT, JWL, BSAU50 and TÜV standards.

We Made Them First

In 1995, we commercialised carbon wheels before anyone else.

We Make Them Better

We’re driven by a passion to make our products lighter, stronger and faster on track and road.

We Make Them Safer

We test at the highest levels to make our high performance wheels safer and technically superior.

We Make Them Future-proof

Pioneering re-useable engineering with modular tooling to reduce costs, lead times and risk.

We Make Them Beautiful

Every wheel is hand-finished so aesthetics and performance are not mutually exclusive.

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