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We supply a range of modular carbon rims to the premium performance and luxury auto industry for integration into their product portfolios.

OEMs, tuners and wheel companies can now all offer their customers a range of exclusively styled and branded carbon hybrid wheels utilising our state-of-the-art BX-F technology.

The BX-F carbon rim benefits from all the patented safety and performance benefits of the ground-breaking BX-E, already an established performance upgrade for many supercars, but with far greater versatility in centrepiece design options.

As well as stunning looks, the BX-F uses our patented technology that has passed the most stringent OEM performance and durability tests. It is also certified in applications to SAE/DOT; JWL and British Standards, and now meets the new TÜV carbon wheel test standards.

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Advanced materials, latest technology

Our patented BX carbon composite automotive wheel range offers an unmatched blend of safety, lightweight performance, market leading aesthetics and cost.

Striving for ever-higher levels of acceleration, braking and handling, but always with safety and durability at the core.

All our wheels are subjected to the most rigorous and demanding world-wide physical test standards, backing up our advanced design and FEA techniques. Fully meeting worldwide safety standards including TÜV / SAE / JWL VIA.

  • Ultra low moment of inertia.
  • 40% lighter than cast aluminium.*
  • Latest low-density composite and metallic materials
  • Advanced engineering and optimisation at every stage
  • Complemented by class-leading aesthetic finishes and quality


Dymag Carbon Wheels | Weight Reduction Benefits

* Cast aluminium 15kg vs. Dymag carbon hybrid 9kg (20 x 9.0)


  • Lower unsprung mass
  • Lower gyroscopic force
  • Longer EV range (+5%)
  • Reduced CO2 emissions (-5%)
  • Reduced road noise
  • Superior handling
  • Faster acceleration
  • Sharper braking
  • Improved ride
  • Improved NVH


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