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Dymag’s Strategic partnership with Hankuk Carbon Co Ltd to mass manufacture… 1024 772 Dymag Group Limited

Dymag’s Strategic partnership with Hankuk Carbon Co Ltd to mass manufacture…

Dymag is delighted to announce a new strategic partnership with Hankuk Carbon Co Ltd to mass manufacture our state-of-the-art carbon composite wheels for the automotive industry.


The collaboration will leverage our brand and experience in manufacturing lightweight carbon composite wheels, together with Hankuk Carbon’s expertise in advanced materials and industrialisation. 


The partnership will rapidly scale-up carbon composite wheel production, bringing higher volumes and cost efficiencies for the world’s leading auto OEMs. This technology brings multiple advantages across all sectors, from luxury to high-performance, ICE to BEV, offering weight savings in excess of 50% over a traditional cast alloy wheel, but with far greater strength and durability.


Dymag CEO Tom de Lange said: “The strategic partnership between Dymag and Hankuk Carbon will enable a step change in the production and supply of state-of-the-art carbon composite wheels to the world’s leading automotive OEMs, bringing not only significantly higher volumes but also greater cost efficiencies via scalable, localised manufacturing. 


“The price-point for these wheels will be appropriate for both luxury and performance-oriented versions of road cars, particularly the growing high-end electric vehicle market, thanks to Dymag’s technology benefits in improving EV range and NVH. For all automotive sectors, the dynamic, durability and aesthetic benefits of carbon composite hybrid wheels will become accessible to a larger number of consumers through OEM programmes.”

Hankuk Carbon Chairman Mr. Moonsoo Cho said
: “We share Dymag’s vision for the growth in the global market potential for high performance hybrid carbon composite wheels and our expertise in composite materials and industrialisation will accelerate this. Together, we will bring automotive OEMs an unrivalled technical and commercial offering for future vehicles.

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