History & Heritage


Formed in 1974 by Max Boxstrom, we’ve led the way in wheel design and manufacture for over 40 years. We have been making carbon motorcycle wheels since 1995 and carbon hybrid automotive wheels since 2004. On track and road, our cutting-edge technologies have been developed to meet the rigours of the world’s toughest racing from Formula 1 to the Dakar Rally. We are always innovating with lightweight carbon composites combined with forged aluminium and magnesium materials.


We were the first company in the world to commercialise carbon hybrid composite auto wheels in 2004.


We launched the world’s first carbon composite moto wheel, certified for road and racing use in 1995.


We created flanged carbon composite hybrid rims for OEM and 3rd party wheel companies in 1999.

How the Dymag journey has evolved

Dymag has been racing and road wheel pioneers since 1974, take a look at some of our key achievements to date…


Dymag was formed in 1974 as Competition Wheels Limited by Max Boxstrom, supplying F1, IndyCar, IMSA and GP500 Superbike magnesium wheels.


The legendary Eddie Lawson wins the AMA Superbike Championship on Dymag magnesium wheels. He was to do it again in 1982 and then roared to further glory at the Moto GP Championship in 1984 on Dymag CH3 wheels.


Dymag launches world’s first carbon composite motorcycle wheel, certified for road and racing use.

1980s & 90s

Riders on Dymag wheels enjoy continued success: notably Joey Dunlop, Carl Fogarty, David Jefferies and Steve Hislop record multiple victories in Senior and Superbike races.

1980s & 90s

Dymag develops range of forged magnesium and carbon wheels for motorsport. The wheels lead the field in Formula One, IndyCar, Le Mans 24hr race, World Rally and Dakar Rally, with drivers including Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna and Nigel Mansell.


Nigel Mansell won F1 and Indycar championships on “Dymags”!

Dymag lightweight wheels have always been strong and safe, even when his tyres blew up at nearly 200 mph.



Arie Luyendyk records fastest ever lap at Indianapolis in Indy 500 practice using Dymag aero wheels.


Dymag launch world’s first commercial carbon composite auto wheel which is quickly adopted by OEMs including Aston Martin and Koenisegg, as well as aftermarket options for BMW, Porsche, Ferrari and Nissan.


Chris Shelley takes over at Dymag and the focus returns to aftermarket composite and forged moto wheels.


Dymag wheels on triple Isle of Man TT (IOM TT) winning team Hawk Racing/Buildbase BMW Motorrad with rider Michael Dunlop.


Dymag secures £7.1m Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative (AMSCI) Government funding to produce next generation durable, lightweight carbon composite automotive and motorcycle wheels.


The BAC Mono supercar, fitted with Dymag carbon composite wheels, is launched at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.


Michael Dunlop sets new IOM TT lap record of 133.96mph running on Dymag’s UP7Xs making them the fastest wheels to ever lap the TT circuit.


Dymag launches its Mk 2.1 carbon composite auto wheel, named the BOXSTROM after the company’s founder, the late Max Boxstrom.


Dymag launches the BOXSTROM 7X, the first aftermarket auto wheel using the patented BOXSTROM technology.



Dymag follows the success of the 7X with the arrival of the BOXSTROM 7Y aftermarket auto wheel, launched at the 2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed.


Performance EV manufacturer Fisker launches EMotion concept wheel on 24” Dymag carbon hybrid wheels.


The BAC Mono supercar, fitted with Dymag carbon hybrid wheels, smashes the hill climb record at Goodwood Festival of Speed. It completes the run in 49.54 seconds, over a second faster than anyone else.


Dean Harrison secures 1st place at the Isle of Man Senior TT giving Dymag it’s 4th win in the legendary race.


Dymag relaunches it’s completely re-engineered BX-F flanged wheel into the market.


Started projects for the McLaren Senna GTR by Lanzante, JRM’s GT23, Naran Automotive, Supercar System and the prestigious list continues to grow.


SSC Tuatara sets new production car world speed record at an average of 282.9 mph on Dymag/Forgeline BX-F wheels.


Dymag builds its partnerships with luxury wheel companies to 20 worldwide.

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